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Our partners

VenturePro proudly partners with a growing number of UK professional services firms who use VenturePro’s software platform to maximise the quality of service they can provide to their UK startup clients, whilst also saving themselves time compared to other software solutions that are not tailored to the increasingly complex needs of private companies that have a number of investors amongst their shareholder base.

We know that while some Founders prefer to maintain their share register and cap table, etc. themselves, many others prefer to outsource some or all of their company secretarial and associated administration (e.g. share options management) to an accountancy or law firm. Here at VenturePro we are always happy to work with your preferred firm, or alternatively we can introduce you to one or more of our partner firms for a no obligation discussion of your needs.

Preferred Partner

VenturePro is delighted to introduce BCS as our first Preferred Partner firm. VenturePro's Founder and BCS' Head of Company Secretarial Services are committed to working together to enable BCS to become a Centre of Excellence regarding UK startups’ use of the VenturePro platform.

In return for VenturePro sharing the know-how it has developed regarding the automation and streamlining of share capital related administration, BCS has agreed to offer a fixed fee (based on using a heavily discounted hourly rate) as the Setup Fee for ‘onboarding’ startup companies that sign up to VenturePro’s Established Startup pricing plan.

Request Setup Fee Quote from BCS

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BCS has provided accountancy, taxation (including R&D tax claims), payroll, company secretarial and business advisory services to clients across a variety of industries since 1975. From biotech firms, healthcare businesses through to clients within the financial sector, they have a proven track record for supporting startups. Additional services, such as SEIS/EIS applications, share register administration and share option scheme implementations, draw upon the added benefit of their in-house company secretarial expertise that you don’t often find under one roof. With the combination of skills and tools, VenturePro and BCS are an effective combination.


Additional Partners

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Affect Group

Affect works with entrepreneurial companies in the media and tech sectors, helping them structure themselves efficiently, raise finance and maintain compliance with their accounting and tax responsibilities.

Affect is delighted to partner with VenturePro, realising the benefit of improved transparency for existing and potential investors through the user-friendly interface.


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Archangel Accounting

Archangel have been providing bespoke accountancy support to Cambridge-based businesses of all stripes since 2007. They’re committed to working closely with clients, building a working relationship that ensures the specific needs of each business are met.

In partnership with the VenturePro platform, Archangel promotes a culture of honesty and strong professional rapport that gels perfectly with the straightforward, hands-on philosophy of the platform.


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Harper James Solicitors

Harper James Solicitors regularly act for venture backed, high-growth potential companies across the UK, providing City grade legal services at competitive rates. Their monthly Enterprise plan provides clients with regular access to their partner level lawyers, with rates from just £99 an hour.


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Oculus Accountancy

Oculus have been providing accounting and tax services to help SMEs on their growth journeys since 1997. Offering business, personal and specialist services means Oculus has spent the last 20 years building a huge body of in-house expertise. Such a broad client base means Oculus builds flexibility and responsiveness into their ethos to better serve a diverse and fast-moving community. Partnering with VenturePro is part of that commitment to promoting rapid, open communication between businesses.


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Staffords’ team of specialists provide excellent advice and support across both accounting and tax disciplines. With deep experience of working with tech startups that have raised equity financing, they are an ideal partner for VenturePro.

In addition, their commitment to proactively communicate with clients in an honest and open way enables them to consistently exceed clients’ expectations.


watermill logo


Right from its inception in 2009, Watermill has been a strong proponent of how cloud software enables accounting services to be delivered more effectively to startup companies in particular, therefore they are a natural fit for VenturePro. With significant expertise in filing claims to HMRC for R&D tax credits, Watermill also offers a full range of accounting and taxation services to startups based in ‘silicon fen’ and beyond.