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Our team

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Adrian Calder linkedin logo
Founder and MD

Adrian is perfectly placed to be VenturePro’s Founder and Managing Director. Over the past two decades, he has gained direct experience that enables him to understand the differing perspectives of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors across the UK’s startup ecosystem.

As the Founder of VenturePro, he knows all too well the hassle involved in maintaining the data needed to enable a startup to meet its compliance requirements in the UK, whilst also sharing relevant information in a timely manner with investors and advisors. On the flip side, having built and then maintained the portfolio reporting framework for one of the most well-known early stage investment groups in the UK, Adrian understands the effort required by investors to collect and analyse data on their portfolio. And having spent years working for one of the world’s largest accounting firms, again he is easily able to relate to the law firms and accountancy practices that advise startups and investors at different times during a typical startup’s journey from incorporation to Exit.

Using this rare blend of insight, Adrian continues to work with a flexible team of software developers based both in the UK and Eastern Europe to make startups’ lives easier, by enabling them to deal with more and more of their company administration and reporting through VenturePro’s integrated platform designed specifically for UK startups, investors and advisors.

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Andreas Philippi linkedin logo
Co-Founder and Co-CTO

Andreas has over a decade of experience working specifically with Ruby-based software-as-a-service web applications, so was the perfect candidate to take over as VenturePro’s lead developer when Mike decided to settle down and start a family.

Based in Romania, he has a degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, and has driven the development of the entire company-side of the VenturePro platform.

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Mike Dunford linkedin logo
Co-Founder and Co-CTO

Mike has two decades of experience in software development, gained in a wide variety of commercial environments. He has known VenturePro’s Founder for even longer, having attended the same Cambridge College as Adrian in the mid-1990s when they were undergraduates together.

Based in the home counties and usually working in London, Mike was VenturePro’s lead developer from 2012-2015 before handing over the reins to Andreas, once he had completed the development of the investor-side of the VenturePro platform. Mike’s current role is primarily to provide strategic advice, although as a Cambridge mathematician by training, he invariably finds a reason to provide input into any complex mathematical challenges that arise as well.