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Portfolio Monitoring for Investors

Visibility. Control. Empowerment.

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Our pricing plans are designed to meet the needs of different investor profiles...

VenturePro’s “Investor Lite” plan is 100% free and provides an investor with access to a ‘Lite’ version of the platform, when a company they’re an investor in signs up to use the platform to help them with their reporting needs. So, if all of your portfolio companies signed up, in theory you could gain access to your entire portfolio for free (although each company’s board of directors would need to authorise access, of course). Our current ‘Lite’ users have told us they find the platform especially useful when they are considering making follow-on investments into existing portfolio companies.

The ‘Premium Investor’ plan is designed for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals with larger portfolios, who are happy to pay a small subscription fee per company, to gain unrivalled clarity on the performance of their investments. The most common response when an investor sees their Investment / Portfolio Dashboards for the first time, is that they’ve never seen IRR and Multiple KPI’s for their portfolio before. However, it’s important to note that whilst it is possible to gain access to your entire portfolio through a ‘Premium Investor’ subscription, that would still require all of your portfolio companies to sign up (and for each company’s board of directors to authorise access).

The ‘Institutional Investor’ plan is designed for seed funds, early stage VCs, and other stakeholders in the UK’s early stage investment ecosystem who are professional investors and have a meaningful budget to pay for a software solution that helps them (along with the resources to pay for someone to maintain some or all of their portfolio data). In VenturePro’s experience, these stakeholders’ portfolio reporting needs tend to vary from quite complex to very complex indeed, so before agreeing to take on any new clients under the ‘Institutional Investor’ plan VenturePro always takes the time to understand in detail how the prospective client currently meets their reporting needs, and how they are hoping our platform will help them moving forward.