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The compliance platform for UK Startups, their advisors and investors.

Track every single share issued, from incorporation to Exit. Track every single share option granted, from incorporation to Exit. Track every single loan note issued, from incorporation to Exit. Track every single share warrant awarded, from incorporation to Exit.

Special offer for young startups.

Free initial setup

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Why VenturePro?

Startup companies

Choose from three company plans to suit your needs

  • Convenience
    • Submit forms to Companies House at the click of a button
    • Single data entry drives multiple outputs (e.g. cap tables, CH forms and registers)
    • Save time and eliminate discrepancies
  • Control
    • Give existing investors ongoing 24 x 7 access to a controlled ‘Lite’ version of your data
    • Give potential investors temporary access while they conduct due diligence
  • Flexibility
    • Outsource your company secretarial activities to an advisor or fulfil them in-house
    • Take a hybrid approach and setup Company Advisor logins whenever you raise your next funding round
  • Confidence
    • Fulfil your compliance obligations with certainty
    • Optimise the privacy of your statutory registers
    • Setup logins for share optionholders to maximise key employee retention and engagement


Choose ‘Lite’ or ‘Premium’ to suit your profile

  • Investor Lite (free)
    • 24 x 7 access to a ‘Lite’ view of your portfolio data (with no data entry required at all)
    • Personalised Summary and Full Cap Tables
    • View any Share Options granted to you that are yet to be exercised
  • Premium Investor (subscription)
    • All ‘Lite’ features plus access to the most sophisticated Portfolio Monitoring service available to investors in UK private companies
    • Portfolio-Level KPI Metrics provide unrivalled clarity on the performance of your investments
    • Investor Advisor Logins enable you to effortlessly share data with your wealth manager, tax advisor or PA
    • Transaction Report – a line by line breakdown of your transactions for each company in your portfolio (perfect for completing your personal tax return)
    • Shareholder Report – compare the performance of your investment with other investors in the same company

What our customers are saying

Special Offer for Young UK Startups

What is a ‘young’ startup?

VenturePro defines a ‘young’ startup as one that is near the beginning of its entrepreneurial journey.

How near the beginning of our journey do we need to be?

If a startup is raising its first funding round, it qualifies for our ‘Fundraiser’ plan and we expect it to have only Founders as shareholders (plus maybe one or two non-exec advisors).

If a startup has raised its first round of funding less than one year ago, it qualifies for our ‘Young Startup’ plan which has no restrictions on the number of shareholders in your company.

What’s included in the ‘special offer’?

We will set the company’s records up for free – some advisors charge up to £1,000 for this work depending on how complex your company’s history is and how good your records are.

Once we have put your company onto a professional footing by completing the free setup, we hand responsibility for maintaining the company’s records back to your management team.

Your management team will always be entitled to at least one free login for a ‘Company Advisor’ (e.g. your accountant) to help you maintain your records professionally.

How much does it cost?

From just £10 per month and including a free setup depending which pricing plan suits your needs *

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